November's Challenge
This month, challenge your students to create a PSA (public service announcement) explaining or representing the the importance of learning to write computer code or program computer.

Focus Questions might be:
1. How can computer programming/coding help me solve real world problems?
2. How can I make a difference by learning to program computers?
3. How does computer programming help be become a better learner?
4. How does learning to program computers/code help me in school?

Projects May Include (of course not limited to!):
  • Scratch Digital Animation
  • Commercial
  • Interactive Game

Monthly Challenges
Beginning in November 2013, 'Real World' Monthly Challenges will be posted on the 'Global Coding Project' in which students and teachers from all over the world can attempt to solve 'Read World' problems by creating computer-based activities using a variety of coding, gaming, robotic, and creative publishing applications. Students can work individually, collaboratively with their local classmates, or collectively with their global classmates. The goal is for students to find solutions to real world problems using computational thinking and coding (computer programming).