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Join us for 'The Hour of Code' sponsored by many people, some of which include: Computer Science Education Week,, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Linkedin. The challenge is to spend one hour exposing your students to computer programming anytime between 12/9-12/15. This is challenge is not just for your classroom, district or state. The WORLD is involved. Exposing your students to 'computational thinking' and computer programming is an important part of your role in creating innovative 21st Century Learners and 'college and career ready' adults. Computer programming IS part of their futures and we need to expose as many children as possible to this process...even if we don't understand it ourselves. It's not about our futures (although you might pick up some skills and create a million dollar app), it's about our students' futures. Let's get stared now.

How Can I Get My School Involved?

'Hour of Code' Tutorials-Will not be complete until 12/9, but some samples are posted!

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Important 'Hour of Code' Learning Links:
The Computer Science Education Week (promoting the challenge)