Our Disclaimer

We must confess, none of use really know how to code. However, what we do know is that our students need to be exposed to coding, computational thinking and how to solve real world problems. We need to work together to help students and all learners persevere, accept failure and learn from it, collaborate, and be competive for the global economy.We cannot let our discomfort of the unknown interrupt our students' future. If there is a collective will, there is a collaborative way in our Global Coding Project.

The first time we attempted to code with our students, we pretended to know what we were doing. Because we firmly believed in the fearless, power of motivated students we blindly jumped in to coding. Luckily our courageous, young coders were motivated to find answers to real world problems and learn the language of the 21st Century.

Below are the lessons we began with and will continue to add more successful lessons. Please consider submitting your successful lessons to the Global Coding Project!


Coding Permission Slip: If your students are under the age of 13, we strongly suggest you revise this permission slip and send home before you or your students create any accounts.

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